fix for CapsLock

  • From: Tommy Pettersson <ptp@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: wilyfans@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 8 Jan 2005 13:07:05 +0100

I took a look at the caps lock problem in 9libs, and I think
I understand what happens, or rather what _not_ happens with
(at least) XFree86 version 4.1.0 on Linux.

The call at 9libs-1.0/libXg/gwin.c:/XtTranslateKeycode/ should
invoke a default keycode-to-sym translator that is supposed to
handles shift and caps lock.  Everything up to there is fine.
When I examine the in data to and result from this Xt call
with gdb, it handles num lock and shift, but not caps lock.

Someone with a system where caps lock works could do the same
test to confirm that this is the source of the problem.

        XtTranslateKeycode(e->xany.display, (KeyCode)e->xkey.keycode,
                        e->xkey.state, &md, &k);

e->xkey.keycode and the e->xkey.state are the inputs.  md and
k are the outputs.  e->xkey.keycode is the code for the key on
the keyboard and k should return the letter accessed on that
key with the current modifier combination.  e->xkey.state are
the modifier bits and md returns those modifier(bit)s the
translator cared for.

When I try with shift it works; the shift bit is set in
e->xkey and md, and k gets the upper case keysym of the key.
When I try with caps lock it doesn't work; the caps lock bit
is set in e->xkey, but the shift bit gets set in md (??) and
k gets the lower case keysym.

A similar problem -- the ctrl key is not (supposed to be)
handled by the (or some) default translator -- already exists
and is solved with the following code:

        /* Do control mapping ourselves if translator doesn't */
        if((e->xkey.state&ControlMask) && !(md&ControlMask))
                k &= 0x9f;

So I propose the same work around for caps lock:
(patch for wily

diff -rN -u diff-old/9libs-1.0/libXg/gwin.c diff-new/9libs-1.0/libXg/gwin.c
--- diff-old/9libs-1.0/libXg/gwin.c     Sat Jan  8 12:02:26 2005
+++ diff-new/9libs-1.0/libXg/gwin.c     Sat Jan  8 11:57:28 2005
@@ -175,7 +175,7 @@
        static int cursorctl = -1;
        int c, minmod;
-       KeySym k, mk;
+       KeySym k, mk, l, u;
        Charfunc f;
        Modifiers md;
@@ -280,6 +280,11 @@
        /* Compensate for servers that call a minus a hyphen */
        if(k == XK_hyphen)
                k = XK_minus;
+       /* Do caps locking ourselves if translator doesn't */
+       if ((e->xkey.state&LockMask) && !(md&LockMask)) {
+               XtConvertCase(e->xany.display, k, &l, &u);
+               k = u;
+       }
        /* Do control mapping ourselves if translator doesn't */
        if((e->xkey.state&ControlMask) && !(md&ControlMask))
                k &= 0x9f;

Tommy Pettersson <ptp@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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