Re: difference in wily ?

  • From: "Mark H. Wilkinson" <mhw+wily@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: wilyfans@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: 09 May 2002 19:35:24 +0100

On Thu, 2002-05-09 at 17:28, James A. Robinson wrote:
> > It's just because I am a little bit curious ->
> > Do you know ( average ) how many people are using wily ?
> > (Download statistic )
> I doubt downloads == real users, or is even close. =)  I know I downloaded
> it years ago, and didn't grok it at all (i.e., didn't use it).  It wasn't
> until I started reading all the Plan 9 documents that I started using
> wily, and I had to really force myself to explore the new way of doing
> things instead of just starting up emacs for complicated tasks.

I'd have the same suspicion. I was talking offline with Oz about wily
being included with things like Debian, but I can imagine most users
being scared off by it when they first see it. I get the feeling that
acme and it's tools are set up in such a way under Plan 9 that it's
probably not too difficult for a new user to pick up once they have the
basic principles under their belt, and quickly becomes compelling. I
don't think wily ever quite got to that level of polish.

To take an example, I seem to remember that Plan 9 has (had?) a set of
acme specific helpers like "agrep", which basically did 'grep -n' with
the right environment. wily offers no such help out of the box, and
unless you'd read the Plan 9 papers you probably wouldn't see that
that's how the problem should be solved.

I think another problem might be mice with wheels instead of middle
buttons: it makes the B1B2 chord feel awkward because you're trying to
press something that's not really a button. I had thought about trying
to employ the wheel somehow, but no obvious mapping presented itself:
B1-scroll-up for cut perhaps?

Worse still is having a laptop with a two-button trackpad. Perhaps we
should bite the bullet and support ^X, ^C and ^V :-(


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