Re: difference in wily ?

  • From: "Mark H. Wilkinson" <mhw+wily@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: Wily Fans mailing list <wilyfans@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: 10 May 2002 17:39:58 +0100

On Fri, 2002-05-10 at 17:26, Richard C Bilson wrote:

> The comment about sam giving an I/O error also resonates with me --
> sam-9libs won't start the graphics side for me, either on Linux 2.4
> or Solaris 2.8 (although I recall it working on Solaris 2.6).  But I'm
> probably wasting my breath, if the 9libs distribution is unofficial and
> unmaintained anyway.

Well, I'm the person who put the 9libs package together, but I'll admit
I haven't done much in the way of maintaining it since. I keep saying
I'll try to overcome that, but I've done little in practical terms,
mostly due to lack of time. I'm going to have a more serious stab at
trying to put another release together though because I still think that
having a common set of libraries for sam, wily, 9term and co is the
right way to do things.

The I/O error is the main thing that needs clobbering as far as I'm
aware: for the most part if you don't see the I/O error it just works.
That's the other (feeble) excuse for why there hasn't been a 1.1.

Perhaps I should follow oz's example and plonk 9libs on sourceforge...
I'm a bit concerned about losing the CVS revision history I have
already, but it's probably a better model for the future.


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