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PROMOTIONAL OFFER ($185  Reg. $1,025)!

Marketing mailing lists are an effective way to reach the maximum
amount of potential customers.  The right consumer mailing list
can bring unprecedented growth to your business.

Companies that want to increase their sales know that aggressive
marketing is called for in today's competitive economy. One of the
ways to reach as many potential customers as possible is an
up-to-the-minute consumer mailing list. Using a current and well-sorted
direct mailing list in your marketing can help your company reach the
largest possible percentage of the consumer population.

DataUSA  creates lists from a variety of sources, including county records
of deeds, credit data, birth notices, and courthouse filings. We also
update our list continuously to provide accurate and timely information.  
A good list is only as good as its last update.

The American Consumer List is a database of names, numbers, and addresses 
of people who are likely to be interested in what you are selling.  It
includes over 100 million consumers in 40 million households.  The list can
be sectioned by state, county or zip code.

To order the American Consumer List at the promotional

price of $185, please

fill out the information below and

fax it to 905-751-0199 (tel: 905-751-0919).

You will receive an invoice in 4-6 days.










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