bugfix for lost mouse button events in 9libs-1.0

  • From: Tommy Pettersson <ptp@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: wilyfans@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 15 Oct 2004 16:29:25 +0200

In my attempts to make wily time aware for autosaving, I
tried to use ecanread in the main event loop, to keep the
loop going without fuss as long as there are queued events
to process and no awakening timer event needs to be rigged.
(It looks like this might not be worthwhile, but I want to
be careful and evaluate different ways.)

Anyhow, I found a bug in 9libs.

eread processes X event one at a time until it gets a 9libs
event to return.

If ecanread doesn't find any queued 9libs events, it too
processes X events one at a time until there is one 9libs
event on the queue or there are no more X events.

eread always starts with processing one X event, so after a
call to first ecanread and then to eread, there may be two
9libs events queued up.

If they are both mouse events, a very rarely invoked mouse
events "compression" feature kicks in, and all but the
last 9libs mouse event are dropped.  This is good for mouse
movements, but bad for mouse buttons.

I think multiple 9libs mouse events can queue up under other
circumstances too, but since wily as it is only uses eread
in its main event loop, it is very unlikely to happen.

Further, the button mouse events must come close in time
to make one disappear, and they must have different button
configurations to cause any bad effect.  The only way I succeed
with this on my equipment is with the scroll wheel (I have the
scroll wheel patches applied).  Yet further, for the "button
depressed" (first) event to disappear (the only interesting
case), its X event must be processed and queued from ecanread,
and thus must come close in time after some other event
(processed and queued from eread).  This happens when I move
the mouse at the same time as I turn the scroll wheel.

Yeah, real big deal, huh?  :-)  I'm so surprised no one has
discovered this before.  ;-)

Ok, it's hard to keep the mouse absolutely still when using
the scroll wheel, so the impression is that wily's response
to the scroll wheel sometimes gets very sluggish.

I find it confusing that 9libs both has this mouse event
compression and does not process X events more aggressively,
since it thus will never get a chance to compress mouse events.
I tried to make it always process all pending X mouse events
(after fixing the bug), to make better use of the compression,
and while I span the mouse wheel furiously and flung the mouse
around, I managed to peak with three cut out mouse events.

So, the bug is in code that almost never is invoked, and when
it is, the benefit of it is highly questionable.  (I think,
I have not tried it on a slow computer.)

Anyhow, the bug is a bug, and a patch is at the end of
this email.

Tommy Pettersson <ptp@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>


diff -rN -u diff-old/9libs-1.0/libXg/xtbinit.c 
--- diff-old/9libs-1.0/libXg/xtbinit.c  Fri Oct 15 16:19:09 2004
+++ diff-new/9libs-1.0/libXg/xtbinit.c  Fri Oct 15 16:18:49 2004
@@ -832,7 +832,7 @@
        eb = s->head;
        if(s == &esrc[Smouse]) {
-               while(eb->next) {
+               while(eb->next && ((Mouse*) eb->buf)->buttons == ((Mouse*) 
eb->next->buf)->buttons) {
                        s->head = eb->next;

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