a wishlist [Re: getting things moving]

  • From: ozan s yigit <oz@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: wilyfans@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 31 Jul 2003 22:50:31 -0400

here is a partial wishlist; if they seem mundane (because they don't
involve radical new extensions, like menus or emacs controls) i'm sorry.
i think these have to be taken care in the near future. any help is
appreciated. i don't need any help in the wily core (same for all
versions) but i can use help for libXg (either the buried version
or the 9libs version). i will take bugfixes and other cleanups
to any part of wily+wily9libs+9libs.

* evaluation of acme (plan9/4th ed) vs wily feature set for greater
  compatibility between the two, anything from fonts, color, decoration
  spacing and sizes to   window placement heuristics. [I would like all
  plan9 users to feel at home using wily. they have been endlessly
  complaining about being close yet different. i have another list for
  that] some of this is being done (eg. edit) but i need to take a
  closer look. some of this may go into properties.

* determination and fix of capslock bug. i suspect a subtle semantics bug
  somewhere in the libXg, but hard to tell. bug is manifested on anything
  that uses libXg on *bsd/linux platforms vis a vis xfree86. does not
  show on solaris

* libXg et al. changes for properly anti-aliased fonts, in keeping with
  plan9 implementation as much as possible. must run on solaris, linux
  and *bsd with minimal number of extra packages.

* libXg/libframe/et al. code cleanup. 

* adopting newly released plan9 libraries (eg. libfmt) where possible,
  *except* the regex library. [this regexp library is special, see

* tutorial update, esp. add sam ranges and regexp, vis a vis :/foo
  for forward search, :-/foo for backward search etc.

* a review of the rpc mechanism

* wily tools cleanup and re-packaging. some of this is already
  done, but more the merrier.

* test and update the tcl and python libmsg interfaces, add example code.
  maybe add perl.

* a new wily logo

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