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Title: DVD Magick Pro - A Revolutionary Way to Create DVDs in Your Own Home
Copy your favorite DVD's to a standard CD - without a DVD Burner. Free extras! It's easy to use. Retail Price: $69.95 and For a limited time it is Only $39.95!
DVD Magick Pro - A Revolutionary Way to Create DVDs in Your Own Home

Don't spend $1000 on a DVD Burner. Get our all-inclusive software right now and within minutes you will be on your way to copying any DVD video to a single, standard CD. You've seen us in the news. You've heard so much about our product. Now available for download! Get your software instantly following payment!
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DVD Copying Features

  • No DVD Burner Required
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  • Simple, Convenient Step by Step Instructions
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  • Burn to any standard CD; play on any standard DVD player (i.e. Television, Computer, etc...) OR computer CD Drive
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  • Don't have a CD recorder? Don't worry! You can save your favorite movies to your computer and view anytime!
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  • Yes! They will play on your CD and DVD player
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  • Now you can copy movies from DVD to the new DiVX format. One standard film will take 600mb of your space, that means you can keep around 70 films at the same time on your PC!
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  • Create your new video collection now!
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  • After buying our packet you will learn how to work with digital video in no time! Our packet includes easy instructions on how to work with encodings + copying from one format to another!
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Copy VHS tapes to CD too!

Just upgraded to a DVD and have a library of video tapes? With your software not only can you copy & burn ANY DVD, you'll also be able to transfer all your VHS tapes to DVD format on CD using CDR!
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Back up your favorite Playstation 2 Games!

Order the DVD PRO 4.0! ripper NOW and included will be directions for burning Sony Playstation 2 games! Everything you need to make a working copy on a standard, blank CD-R. Use these as backups so that your original PlayStation 2 games stay in the best condition!
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Now copy DVD's in 14 Languages!

Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish and Urdu!
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Hurry! Limited Time Special Offers Immediate download!!
Click Here for More Info or Order Online Now!

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