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Title: DVD kit Pro
EASY DVD kit   (4.17Mb)

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  • Our program is very easy to use - only few clicks and your video file is ready!
  • Any person can use Easy DVDKIT without taking much time to understand it.
  • After you purchase and download program, you will be able to backup your favorite DVDs on your hard drive,
  • or even network. (see more)

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  • If you have CD or DVD writer, then you can easily copy video files on it.
  • You can even use VCD-SVCD format to copy movie on CD,
  • and later you will be able to watch movie on any digital video player. (see more)

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  • Key Features:

    Convert DVD to VCD2.0/SVCD1.0/AVI.
    DVD to Divx, same quality, 10 pecent size
    Convert each chapter to an individual file.E
    Batch file converting
    Selectable subtitle&audio track.
    Split the output file to various files
    Dolby surround.
    Skinable user interface.
    Various settings provide the flexibility and effectiveness of the output.
    Automatically shutdown computer after conversion.
    Remove macrovision protection.

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    When you buy Easy DVD KIT, you get Ultra DVD WORKSHOP for FREE. !!!!

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