Re: 9term xterm and wiily

  • From: spam@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • To: wilyfans@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 17 Jun 2002 11:54:59 +0100

> > So, for a few weeks now, I have been using wily _instead_ of
> > xterm and 9term. I

> could you please expand about 'using wily _instead_ of xterm'?

The three main programs I used to have running were  wily (mainly editing),
xterm (mainly lanching other programs) and a opera (web browser)..

I tried simply not using a terminal at all (using B2 on wily to start
all other programs) but time after time, I wanted some sort
of terminal. xterm was not right because it did not allow any
sort of mouse interaction and editing of command lines.

So now, whenever the window manager would have spawned an xterm or 9term,
it now does wily -c 1 win. (So I get a one column wily window with a
prompt in it).  I suspect that I now use wily/win in the same way you
use 9term, but the advantage is that you can perform all the usual
wily operations (eg B3 on a file to edit it, rather than start an editor)
in your terminal.

I had tried win before, but always found it frustrating that it
never worked quite 'right'. There were three things wrong-
-Mainly the fact that if you cd to a directory then B3 on a file you don't find 
-it always ended up being stuck in one corner of a cluttered wily 
-no history mechanism

the first problem is solved by the attachments I sent before,

the second is solved by having lots of wilys running and configuring
the window manager to make starting wily easily.

the third is solved by being able to search backwards: so you
can search backwards on the prompt string to retrace your history.

> once there was a terminal program for wily (called Win?) that was
> useful to me in this respect. it did not have pseudo terminal support,
> thus making it impossible to use together with gdb (c programming was
> my unfortunate lot at the time).

I have found that win works exceptionally _well_ with gdb. Far better than xterm
did. The advantage is that you can easily construct and recall then edit more
complex commands to the debugger because you can now
use the mouse..

> otherwise i would have been able to do
> without 9term.
> in the wily relase i am using (wily-9libs 0.13.41) there is no Win.
There is in mine, if not then the previous attachment has a version of win.


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