[WMS] Re: getting started

  • From: Mario Salzer <mario@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: wiki@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 06 Oct 2004 02:13:33 +0200

Florian wrote:
> ...
> > The table is open for discussion and rewrite of course, I'm sure I
> > forgot something important anyhow.
> Yes, some link types. Links to attachments (anyone else supporting this?) 
> and links to images and how to inline them/avoid to inline them. But I 
> don't know it we really need this right now. And I did not see "centered" 
> although we don't support it.

Yep, centered is missing. I'll add it to the template then, though I
don't believe we get any agreement on markup for aligning text.
Attachments are a wide-spread feature, but it's a bit too extravagant
as well to go into a general standard. Because it often looks that way,
it could however get mentioned it in the section about InterWiki stuff.

And ok, I shame for having completely forgotten image links... ;)

> Could you explain what "Character Replacement" is, please? We have an 
> feature that might be meant with that it repalces some term at edit time - 
> things like @SIG@, @TIME@, @PAGE@ - but I am quite unshure about this...

I've taken most terms from the MB:WikiMarkupStandard page, and
"Character Replacement" there means "<" is replaced by "&lt;" and
"--" by &mdash; and such things.
Your @SYMBOLS@ (even if it sounds more like a macro) would go into the
same category IMO, simply mention it. This also can't be standardized
seriously - the table is just a bit verbose at the wrong places :)


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