[WMS] getting started

  • From: Mario Salzer <mario@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: wiki@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 05 Oct 2004 22:45:38 +0200

So welcome everybody to the WikiMarkupStandard WG and mailing list.
It's going to get a hard business, but let's try it at least. The   
debates get more lengthy the more developers are involved here, but 
I think we should reach for broad participation and agreement to get 
anything acceptable.

First: everything that you write/post here or on project Web sites +
Wikis is considered to be Public Domain per se. This is a requirement
if we're going to put together a RFC (I hope so), because all
copyrights on that MUST be assigned to the IETF.

And also beforehand, I'd like to start collecting the different
markup variations in use already. We'll combine that into an overview
document (OOo Calc).
There was already a list started on MeatBall:WikiMarkupStandard, but
suddenly without mentioning the WikiEngine names (there has probably
been a reason for this, but I now deem them useful and would like to
get a complete overview).

Please download the template from http://interwiki.sf.net/wms/
and send it in. Of course some coordination would help - I do not need
five dups of everything ;)

You'll probably find that some entries are redundant - like "italic"
and "emphasized", but we could make use of this distinction later in
the decision and voting process. Fill only out the rows that "your"
Wiki really needs or transforms pages into (most either do <i> OR
<em>, rarely both).
The table is open for discussion and rewrite of course, I'm sure I
forgot something important anyhow. Maybe it's difficult to fill it
out, but it also makes a good summary to for example write a markup
conversion tool somewhen later.

Whatever - thanks so far, especially for joining this list!

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