[WMS] Re: Thoughts on standards

  • From: Franck Martin <franck@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: wiki@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 07 Oct 2004 09:32:24 +1200

I think the main goal of this effort for the moment is to make wiki 
easier for the user not for the developer.
I use about 3 wiki syntaxes, and because I don't want to get too 
confused, I limit myself to basic formatting.

Our main goal is user hapiness.

This goal is what Human Interface is to Computers.

We will work with the developers later.

May I suggest that we are missing users on this list. We have all the 
major developers of wiki here, but we are missing users that will tell 
us what they like and don't like.

Finally, let's stay focused, while all make valid points, we need to 
take one task at a time.


Mario Salzer wrote:

>MediaWiki:ErikMoeller wrote:
>>3) I think this effort right now is too narrow. The markup syntax is not
>>the only aspect of wiki tech that we need standards on, and not even the
>>most important one. Here's a few I can think of:
>> ...
>>There's more, obviously. My point is that we shouldn't limit ourselves
>>to working together in only one field. Now, I agree that we should first
>>focus on addressing the markup situation, but we should make our mission
>>statement broader than that so that this effort will lead into a new era
>>of cooperation among wiki developers.
>True, now that so many active and top developers are on this discussion
>list we could standardize a lot more than just the text format. WikiSpam
>and Copyrights/MetaData are very interresting areas that we should
>address in the near future. However, I think we shouldn't keep this
>effort focused a while on a central topic - if we tried to take on five
>different dicussions at the same time (which it boils down to), then
>nobody would listen in the end.

Franck Martin
"Toute connaissance est une réponse à une question"
G. Bachelard

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