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  • From: Franck Martin <franck@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 06 Oct 2004 16:35:13 +1200

Erik Moeller wrote:
>Hello friends,
>I am one of the many people working on MediaWiki and Wikipedia. Here are
>some general thought on standards, and on this effort in particular.
>1) Any major change of the standards on a huge site like Wikipedia is
>hard to implement given user resistance. There are minor details that
>can be improved and made more consistent, of course.
Yes, but it should not stop us to do something common. When we have 
something, then wikis out there will converge to the reference syntax, 
or not

Think Mozilla, which already uses some wiki syntax even if it is not 
called like thi
Think mobile phone and embeded system (send a SMS with some wiki markup, 
easier than WML)

Think the user base that would like just to correct something quickly in 
a wikipage, and mixes up bold syntax for instance.

Also we should set up a couple of meta rules to create wiki syntax.

when I started RFC wiki, I got a couple of good suggestion, like 
removing any word in any language from the syntax, moving away from the 
HTML syntax to be consistent,  am inline markup is at least a doubled 

> * Certification. I believe it will be generally useful to have a
>   process by which we can certify that a wiki engine complies with
>   standards X, Y, and Z. This will make choosing a good wiki a lot
>   easier. 
Even the IETF does not offer any certification for any of their RFCs

>   In a wiki-manner, this process should be open and consensus-based:
>   no consensus, no certification. Here it helps to use what we call
>   "actionability" on Wikipedia. If an objection to certification is
>   not actionable, it can be ignored.
>There's more, obviously. My point is that we shouldn't limit ourselves
>to working together in only one field. Now, I agree that we should first
>focus on addressing the markup situation, but we should make our mission
>statement broader than that so that this effort will lead into a new era
>of cooperation among wiki developers.
What I would like to do, is to post this RFCWiki as Internet-draft to 
IETF. This gives it no status at all, just some people are doing 
something. It will get the attention of people around, and the text will 
refer to this group. It will get the ball rolling officialy. People 
watch what is happening inside IETF.

If you read the IETF process, please read it before flamming, we have 6 
months to bring a new version. This new version can be totally different 
and nothing to do with the original. I have no problem with that.


Franck Martin
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