[WMS] Re: Pre-cursor to wiki markup standard

  • From: Florian Festi <festifn@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: wiki@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 7 Oct 2004 22:08:29 +0200 (METDST)

> Andrew Premdas wrote:
>> Thanks for this, but I think I've been misunderstood. My thought was not
>> about listing or defining syntax but defining functionality e.g.
>> Make bold: displays text with a heavier font.
>> Make italic: displays text with a sloping font.
>> Display heading: displays text as a heading. A heading has a level and would
>> be included in a table of contents.
> But surely here you're limited to the possible output types?
> i.e. currently wikis output to HTML, and therefore your functionality is
> limited to things that can be expressed in HTML (or XHTML+CSS)

> It might be nice to consider different output methods, like PDF and so
> on, but we're getting away from wiki and getting into content management
> ... where XML and XSLT have been playing successfully ...
> Now, it might be nice to come up with an "internal" XML DTD for wikis,
> who can implement their own front-end language, store in WikiXML, and
> render in HTML ... because then I'd be able to migrate data from one
> wiki framework to another more easily ...

If we got all the markup together creating an XML DTD should be easy. We 
can do this afterwards. We can reuse the XHTML tag names for text related 
stuff and add tags like Pagename, attachment, macro, code area, ...

I would suggest we do the "tag" description in the wiki. May be someone 
more common with the page name standard at MeatBall should create a new 
page and move the tag list. The descriptions should look like the examples 
above IMHO. We should not give a rendered HTML code.

I state that we want to create an XML standard that represents the markup 
tags we define for the standard. But we move the hard part -- mapping of 
non standardized features -- at the time when the Markupstandard is finished.

Is this consens?


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