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Thanks for this, but I think I've been misunderstood. My thought was not
about listing or defining syntax but defining functionality e.g.

Make bold: displays text with a heavier font.
Make italic: displays text with a sloping font.
Display heading: displays text as a heading. A heading has a level and would
be included in a table of contents.

 Etc, etc.

By creating a functionality standard first you would have a good place for
starting discussions about syntax and markup. This would also provide an
opportunity to clean up ambiguous and overlapping terms e.g. emphasis,
strong emphasis, bold, italic. Also to determine whether functionality
should be included in the core (perhaps large and small text shouldn't be in
because they are a type of emphasis).

The first link you gave has some of this, but doesn't really define or
limit, rather it is focused on gathering syntax examples.

In many ways this is perhaps so simple a task that initially it would seem
not worth doing, or discussing. But I think that actually there is quite a
lot to it, especially if you aim to produce something that is small and
simple and also sufficient.

All best


Andrew Premdas
Student Systems Developer
Manchester University

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There are two efforts already extant.


Lists exhaustively the types of syntax out there, albeit in a raw form. We
could clean that page up and publish it under an open license.

Also, http://interwiki.sourceforge.net is a preliminary 'wiki gateway' that
has some concept of syntax.


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A thought

Having a reference document of wiki markup types (or functionality) would be
a useful pre-cursor to the standard. It would also be useful for

  * wiki translation
  * implementation of new wikis

You have the spreadsheet already (which I haven't viewed - don't have open
office) as a good starting point. Perhaps there could be different levels
(not too many of wiki markup). A core spec and then extensions. The core
would be really useful to limit the initial scope of the standard. It might
then be easier to write translators so that existing wiki's can gradually
upgrade themselves to the new standard.

Fundamentally I think this functionality standard should be a standard upon
which the markup standard is based.

All best


Andrew Premdas
Student Systems Developer
Manchester University

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