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Hi John,

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Greetings All,

On Sunday 7/26/09, the Madison Achilles Track Chapter will host a Hope
and Possibility 5k Walk / Run.

Achilles offers opportunities for folks of all abilities to participate
in walking, running, hand cycling, or rolling in wheelchairs.  Folks in
the Madison Chapter include brain injury and stroke survivors, MS and MD
challengers  , visually and hearing impaired folks, and others who are
battling miscellaneous physical challenges.  The Madison Achilles
Chapter meets every Thursday night at 5:45 for an hour long work out and
then has dinner together at a local restaurant.

As a young person, I always wanted to participate in track.  My parents
and coaches felt I'd be more suited for clubs like FHA - so I learned to
cook, but my dream to run never died.

In May of 2007, we attended our first Achilles work out.  There are
several guides who will run with me on Thursday nights.  Jim and I
participated in the New York Hope and Possibility run in June of 2007.
I placed third in my division.  I ran my first marathon in New York in
November of 2008.  I also have a special young friend - Molly who ran
the Madison Marathon with me in May of 2009 and we are now training for
the Madison Half Marathon.  It is tough work, but there is some sort of
accomplishment felt when crossing a finish line.

Hope and Possibility is a neat way to show folks of any ability they are
surrounded with supportive friends.  Some of the folks we met in New
York were part of the Freedom Team.  They are soldiers who lost limbs in
battle.  Imagine how different their young lives are.  Hope and
Possibility may have been their first event in a hand cycle or with a

Volunteers needed for:


Set up / assistance at water stations

Assistance with getting folks from wheel chairs to hand cycles

Walking with folks (5k)

Clean up

Date:  7/26/09

Time:  Approximately noon - 3:00 PM

If you are interested in participating, volunteering or know of anyone
who may benefit in participating in this event, please let me know.

Have a bright day,



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