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All of Florida's 24 WIBS are incorporated non-profits. The state level board
is by statute an incorporated non-profit and it charters the 24 local
boards. The language for the state board is: "There is created a
not-for-profit corporation to be known as "Workforce Florida, Inc." which
shall be registered, incorporated, organized and operated in compliance with
chapter 617, and which shall not be a unit or entity of state government. .

Sooni Raymaker

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In Arkansas we have no policy or law that addresses this.  They may be
private nonprofits if they choose.  At the current time we only have two
WIBs that have chosen that route. 

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Do any states have any current or proposed laws or policies that would
permit (or prohibit) local WIBs to incorporate as private not-for-profit

Sante Perrelli
Assistant Attorney General
State Operations Division
Michigan Department of Attorney General

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