[wiaattorneys] WIA Sec 193 - Use of Certain Real Property

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WIA Attorneys' Workgroup members:
Request for responses needed by noon (EST) on Friday, February 2.  Sorry
for the short turn-around time.
The House Joint Resolution 20, which passed the House of Representatives
yesterday, includes language regarding "Real Property" funded by WIA and
Wagner-Peyser.  Attached is a document with the current WIA legislation
as passed in 1998, and the proposed language in HJRes 20, which would
amend Section 193 of WIA  I would appreciate your assistance - and
expertise - in interpreting this new language into "English" :).   What
is the impact to states on their real property?  I know this has been a
major issue in several states, and you have a better handle on what it
means and the impact.
Also, as you know, on October 20, 2004, the Employment and Training
Administration published TEGL 7-04, "Issues Related to Real Property
Used for ETA Program Purposes."  I presume this guidance letter would
have to be taken into consideration when deciphering this language.
I've attached a copy of TEGL 7-04 - and its attachments, including Sec
667.260 of the WIA Regulations 20 CFR Part 652 (August 11, 2000) in case
you want to reference it.
I sincerely appreciate any response (interpretation), input and

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