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In Vermont we have three options for employers: 1) an all information order (provides employer contact info to job seekers); 2) a blind ad order (hides all employer contact info); and 3) search only order (not viewable by job seekers, but allows employers to search and view skill comparisons and job seeker resumes).

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Jack - About half of the job order's are suppressed in New York. It is decided as a matter of policy within each region.

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I have another Wagner-Peyser related issue. A local staff person took a job listing from an employer in which they were replacing their office manager but wanted to have some potential replacements lined up before terminating the current manager. As a result, they asked the staff person to withhold the name of the employer on the job order. She did this and any interested person then had to submit a resume through her. This resulted in some conflict within the office as other staff contended this could not be done that the employer s name must be revealed to the job applicants. In years past, DOL had strict definitions of what constitutes a job opening and a referral. Of course the WP regs are much less detailed than they used to be on these sorts of issues, but I was wondering if anyone has had a similar question presented to them. It may come down to a policy issue rather than a legal one.

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Has anyone dealt with the question of allowing employers to conduct drug tests at One-Stops? If so, does anyone have any policies or procedures on this issue? Any indemnification agreements?

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