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Hi Paul,
We allow clients to review files at will and also remind counselors
regularly to keep in mind that their notes may at some point be viewed
by their clients.
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    You asked: Has anyone dealt with this issue differently? I am not
quite sure from your email how you are going to deal with this but it
seems there is no reason, even with the exception, not to allow this
person to review her own file. 
Jane C. Pomerantz
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        One of WIBs has a claimant that would like to review her case
file.  Section 185(a)(3) of WIA has a requirement that states maintain
standardized records for all individual participants and subparagraph
(4)(A) of Section 185(a) provides generally that records must be
released except (under subparagraph (4)(B)) "information, the disclosure
of which woud constitute a clearly unwarranted invasion of personal
privacy."  Under New York's FOI law, this exclusion would not apply to
individual requesting the records.  Has anyone dealt with this issue
        Paul Mason
        Associate Attorney
        State Office Campus
        Building 12, Room 509
        Albany, NY  12240
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