[wiaattorneys] Private sponsorship of agency publicity

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  • Date: Sun, 23 Oct 2005 13:51:15 -0700

The Washington Employment Security Department (ESD) is developing a local
radio station ad for one of its "WorkSource" offices that provide labor
exchange and employment and training services and has asked for advice on
having a local business sponsor (pay) for the ad and be mentioned in
connection with the state agency.  For example, at the conclusion of the ad,
it might say, "The preceeding announcement was brought to you courtesy of
Home Depot." Several WorkSource offices around the state are interested in
using these types of sponsorships to leverage the WorkSource brand. The feel
the positive name association with these businesses would help them get the
word out about WorkSource services during tight financial times. 
Has anyone given advice about private sponsorship of publicity for the labor
exchange?  If there is no specific state law authority for such private
sponsorship, can such authority be found under Wagner-Peyser or WIA? 
In my opinion, at least on a policy level the proposal raises appearance of
fairness and potential conflict of interest questions because ESD also
performs the UI functions -- taxes and audits employers and adjudicates the
unemployment benefits claims of former employees with the employers as

Bruce L. Turcott
Assistant Attorney General
Licensing and Administrative Law Division
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