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As you know, Maria Colavito has worked with NASWA and CESER as an
advisor and attorney for a number of years.  She also was the primary
individual working with NASWA and the states on the WRIS project, and
was assigned as the primary liaison between NASWA and the WIA Attorneys'
Workgroup.  Maria has been appointed to a position in the new
administration with the New York Department of Labor.  To avoid any
conflict, she has resigned as NASWA's legal counsel.
We at NASWA/CESER will be looking for a new legal counsel.  Would you
let me know of any recommendations?  This is a part-time contractual
arrangement - on a "as-needed" basis only.  It is difficult to estimate
the amount of time this individual would be needed - periods of no work,
to possible periods of concentrated work.  It would be very helpful if
we could find someone familiar with the workforce system and the legal
issues relevant to it.  An individual who recently worked as legal
counsel for a state workforce agency - either retired or in a small
private law practice - would be ideal.  We would prefer someone who has
opened their own business, versus someone working for another law firm.
Location should not matter, since most work could be done via telephone,
fax and e-mail.
Any suggestions would be appreciated - along with basic contact
information.  Thanks.

Bob Simoneau 
Workforce Development Director 
444 North Capitol Street, NW  #142 
Washington, D.C.  20001 
(202) 434-8020 
Fax (202) 434-8033 


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