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Dear All:  I promised to send along this invitation from the CRC to  attend 
their annual Equal Opportunity Training Conference.   Maria
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Maria -


On behalf of Annabelle we are grateful for the invitation to participate.  I
am pleased that Denise's presentation was well received by the group.  We
look forward to CRC's continued participation and the opportunity for open
informal discussion.  Pass the word to all the members that they are welcome
to attend DOL's 2005 National Equal Opportunity Training Conference, August
23 - 26 in Washington, DC.


Gregory T. Shaw 
(202) 693-6540 


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Annabelle:  Thanks again for allowing Denise Sudell to participate in the
WIA Attorney Workgroup's Annual Meeting last week.  Her presentations were
timely and informative and many of the attendees mentioned to me (and quite
likely to Denise as well) that they were among the highlights of the


We particularly appreciate the CRC's ongoing support of this meeting and its
willingness to engage in active outreach to the parties that it regulates.
We've been very fortunate to have you attend several past meetings and to
have Denise's participation this year.  I know it means a great deal to our
members to have access to the information you've both shared with us along
with the opportunity to ask questions and clarify issues that arise at the
state level in an informal, open manner.  


Thanks again to you and to Greg for approving Denise's participation this
year...I am sure we will be in touch with you next spring!   Take care.

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