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George-Larson; Susan Pixton; Tamela Biggs; Thomas Ellis; Thomas Ukinski;
Subject: WRIS

Attached are two amendments which we are considering for the WRIS
agreement. We would like your comments, suggestions, affirmance or

The next issue concerns how changes to the WRIS system, including
changes in uses of the data, would be accomplished. We are leaning
towards allowing the proposed Board to make changes by majority vote or
by a vote of the majority of participating jurisdictions. The mechanism
in the proposed agreement which allows one black ball "no vote" to veto
changes would appear to be overly restrictive.

Individuals have expressed an interest in a conference call of
interested state people before the Federal conference call. If you think
a conference call for the purpose of discussion and consensus would be a
good idea, then let us know.

We would also like written assurance only the state educational agency
would have excess to the raw data and would provide colleges and
universities aggregate numbers without personally identifying

There is some confusion concerning the ICON system which it included in
the proposed agreement. Previously we had only an outdated IBIQ
Information Exchange Agreement. We eagerly await your thoughts.

Joe Bervid

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