[wiaattorneys] FW: Salary amendment passed in Senate

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In light of the audits in Iowa. . . .

> *     The Senate yesterday unanimously approved an amendment to a
> supplemental appropriations bill (H.R. 4939) that would cap the
> salaries of individuals paid from Employment and Training
> Administration (ETA) funds at $165,000 per year. Sponsored by Senator
> Tom Harkin (D-IA), the amendment was developed to prevent excessive
> pay for local administrators responsible for managing workforce
> investment programs as occurred recently in Iowa where a state audit
> revealed a local administrator collected $800,000 over a two and
> one-half year period. Senator Harkin in remarks on the Senate floor
> expressed his support for Workforce Investment Act (WIA)
> appropriations noting it is "chronically scarce," but said "it is
> unacceptable, a betrayal of the public trust, when unethical
> individuals use scarce WIA funds to pay themselves inflated and
> totally unjustified salaries and bonuses." 
> *     The $165,000 salary cap is the top rate for Executive Level II
> positions. According to Senator Harkin it is the same maximum level
> set a few years ago in the Head Start Program when excessive salaries
> were revealed in that program. Senator Harkin said the Iowa salary
> abuse is the only one of which he is aware. He believes the program
> has an outstanding track record. Nonetheless, Senator Harkin said he
> encouraged the U.S. Department of Labor (USDOL) to launch an
> investigation into workforce investment system salaries nationwide. He
> noted reauthorization of the WIA is not likely to occur this Congress,
> but said his amendment to cap salaries is likely to be included in
> future appropriations bills for the workforce investment system.
> *     The supplemental appropriations bill to which Senator Harkin's
> amendment has been added remains under consideration in the Senate.
> Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist (R-TN) filed a motion to limit
> debate yesterday, which is expected to be considered next Tuesday. If
> the Senate limits debate, also referred to as invoking cloture, he
> will move to approve the supplemental appropriations spending bill,
> passage of which will trigger conference negotiations with the House
> where the bill has been approved already. Senator Harkin's amendment
> will be available on the Workforce ATM <http://www.workforceatm.org>
> soon.
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