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I have been asked to write some industry partnership legislation. We
understand that Washington State has a cluster based economic
development legislation or law. Does anyone know about that? We are
going to check with National Governor's Association and other groups or
associations if they know of any state or local legislation. And I
wanted to ask my favorite group of attorneys because the chances are
good that some of you might be involved in something like this. The list
below might give you an idea of what the bill would include.

Hi everybody

Here are some quick thoughts on that the Deputy Secretary for Workforce
Development thinks might need to include:

1)Cluster based workforce development
2) Formation of Industry Partnerships that includes as we do in the
guidelines multiple employers, labor where appropriate, etc.
3) We may want to be flexible or limiting on who can form the
Partnerships/serve as an intermediary. For example, do we want to embed
our current guidelines into the legislation or merely put in a conflict
of interest clause that would prevent those doing the training from
forming the Partnerships? I am inclined toward the later, but will let
you all discuss and get back to me with your recommendation.
4) We need some language that works to align the entire workforce system
and give priority to Industry PArtnership identified training.
5) We need to decide whether we want to include the Industry Partnership
training (not just development of the partnerships) in the legislation.
6) The Brookings report made some strong recommendations about our
cluster based approach to workforce development. We should capitalize on
this to help get the legislation passed when the time comes. 

Any help you can give will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks JP

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