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  • Date: Fri, 17 Nov 2006 10:48:13 -0500

        Hello Everyone
        As you know, we have all been furiously emailing each other on
the WRIS agreement. Right now there are two email lists that are being
used.  Many of the folks on these emails are not involved with the WRIS
issue (lucky you) and probably would rather not receive anymore of these
emails. Some of us are on both lists and would rather just get one
email. To that end we wish to develop an email list that includes only
those attorneys that are actually involved with the WRIS agreement and a
list that includes only state attorneys.
    Therefore, if you are interested in continuing to get the emails on
WRIS and wish to be in the discussion, please email me and I will
develop a WRIS state attorneys list that we can all use. Also if you are
not involved in WRIS but know the attorney in your state who is please
make sure s/he is aware of this group and add that person to the list or
have that attorney contact me.
    Once we get that group together we can start putting any specific
comments and issues about the WRIS agreement in writing so that when we
have a conference call among the state attorneys (before the call with
the feds) we will have some grasp of what everyone's issues are. 
    I know this is cumbersome but that's what happens when you have a 50
plus parties agreement. 
    Thanks for you assistance.
    Jane Pomerantz
    Deputy Chief Counsel
    PA Department of Labor and Industry
    Harrisburg, PA


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