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Happy New Year Everybody.

I was asked the following question:  "A CEO is recommending a member of
the Board of Directors of a Chamber of Commerce as a community based
rep. He is a banker by profession. Does this person qualify as a CBO
The definition of CBO in WIA states it is "a private nonprofit
organization that is representative of a community or a significant
segment of a community and that has demonstrated expertise and
effectiveness in the field of workforce investment."
One of the  mandated member on the state board is "representatives of
individuals and organizations that have experience and expertise in the
delivery of workforce investment activities, including chief executive
officers of community colleges and community-based organizations within
the State."
My gut says no but I'm having trouble articulating why. I just think
that the Board has 51% representation of private business and don't need
anymore representation on the board.  Also with business being under a
different category there is the implication that they cannot come under
this category. Also the listing of the mandated member that has CBO as
an example would indicate that the organization has to have experience
delivery workforce investment activities.  And although the Chamber is
certainly involved with workforce investment activities I don't think
they are involved with the delivery of those activities.
Anybody have any ideas. Or maybe you think it is ok. 

Any help is appreciated. Thanks JP

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