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  • Date: Wed, 23 May 2007 15:31:24 -0400

A while back I discovered someone sent some of our emails to me which
they found on the internet. I think I just figured out how or why. When
I originally got the below email I did not realize what it was. When
Paul from Mass stopped doing WIA work he converted our list serve which
was through Mass. to freelists.org. Some of you might have figured this
out a while ago but this internet challenged attorney just did. As you
see below this org. does not guarantee confidentiality.

I just called Bob Simoneau to see if NASWA can get us a listserve
through NASWA (but he is out until 6/4/07)  If he cannot do that and/or
until he returns from vacation and our conference I will have my
secretary make a list of all WIA attorneys that I know of with their
email and send it to everyone. I would recommend that if you want to
communicate with the group you use that and NOT this freelist email we
have been using.


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Welcome to the NASWA listserve for state government attorneys working on
Workforce Investment Act issues.  To facilitate communication about WIA
legal and technology issues among attorneys working on WIA, we will be
using list-serv technology.  You are now a member of the WIA ATTORNEYS
mailing list.

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may be monitored for appropriateness and content in order to ensure
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messages posted to this list.  Confidential material should not be
transmitted through this list.

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and using an email address that is not the one that is on our list, your
email will be rejected.  The list serve
address(wiaattorneys@xxxxxxxxxxxxx)only works for members approved by
the list administrator.

Note that if your email address changes in the future, this change will
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The operator for the WIA Attorneys mailing list is
Paul.O'Neill@xxxxxxxxxxx (Paul O'Neill) and all subscription requests or
removal requests should be addressed to that email address.  You may
also contact him as follows:

Paul T. O'Neill
Chief Legal Counsel
Massachusetts Departments of Labor & Workforce Development
One Ashburton Place, Room 2112
Boston, MA 02108

Tel:  617-727-6573 x 107
Fax:  617-727-1090

If you have an urgent technical issue that needs immediate attention and
you cannot reach the administrator, contact Elisabeth Smith at
617-727-6573 x 104 or the staff at freelists at staff@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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