Sendero May Highlights

  • From: Kim Casey <kim@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 01 May 2011 21:08:04 -0700

Greetings from Sendero, here are a couple of highlights to report.

1. Sendero GPS LookAround for the iPhone with an English interface is available now in 51 countries. Coming soon to Android!

2. A year or more ago, Sendero offered the Oakley Bluetooth sunglasses, which have been discontinued. They went for $249. Mike May still uses his every day as many of you probably do.

We came across an offshore model, not as high quality as the Oakleys, but not bad and the price is attractive. We have 10 units and will probably not order more. While supplies last, the price is $68 when purchased along with another item at Sendero or $88 if purchased by themselves. The Bluetooth earpieces and microphone allow you to make and receive phone calls. There is no audio streaming however.

3. Sendero is now selling the iBlue 747Pro GPS Trip Recorder Receiver. This new GPS receiver provides the same powerful GPS technology but now has audible beeps when you turn it on and when you have a GPS fix. Visit for more information or to order.

4. Look for Mike May at the Sight City conference in Germany this week.

5. Sendero is switching map servers in early May. We hope there will be no disruption but if you do have a problem, wait a while and try again or email us and we can provide a work-around. As soon as we have our new server in place, Sendero will release our 2011 GPS software and maps, any day now.

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