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Hi Tony,
Sort of hard to say really. I know that Doom has been "ported" and will run 
using a Citrix client as well on the 9290 Communicator, but that device tops 
out at 9600 bps. Also, this article was written from the perspective of Europe 
which in many ways is more advanced in wireless networks in terms of saturation 
and quality of service than the US is (of course, Europe lags behind Japan).
I view GamePort as the foyer of a game club where one can pick and choose which 
game(s) to play in. The immersive portion is more of a client experience that's 
run by the server. In terms of selling the infrastructure, that is certainly an 
option. My rationale for the mall approach is that it spreads out risk over 
several stores instead of just one. But perhaps I'm oversimplifying?
 "Essman, Tony L" <tony.l.essman@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi Chuck,

Wow, it looks like success may well hinge upon some kind of immersive
environment, like Sim's, Everquest, StarCraft, etc., were the server is
running the game continuously and people drop in and out. Otherwise,
GamePortal will be just another door in a shopping mall that has thousands
of door, and beaucoup advertising dollars:(

Of course, if the idea is to build an infrastructure and then sell the
infrastructure, that's altogether different.

Just my $0.02.

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Video Gaming on Cell Phones Beginning to Boom

Wireless data has taken off, allowing wireless
carriers and mobile phone game developers to offer
more advanced and visually appealing video games on
cell phones thanks in part to high-speed networks and
color screens. These video games are proving
especially popular to younger audiences who can find
their favorite Nintendo GameBoy and Sony Play Station
games available on cell phones. Research firm IDC
estimates that U.S. wireless gamers will multiply more
than tenfold, from 7 million in 2003 to 71.2 million
in 2007. Users can easily download games directly from
the Internet to handsets for as little as $2 to $15,
depending on monthly subscription fees. (Source:

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