[wgdrmusic] Re: Carole Hausner Local BG Musician finalist for songwriting contest at Merlefest!!

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I think that the new john hiatt was played this week on Geezer Rock.

I can get tix to some events, and have given a few away.  I also get some 
festival tix (Podunk and Greyfox).
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Jennifer, all:

Nice to see we have this list...

I have a question.. Why don’t we give away more tickets to concerts, festivals, 
etc.  Is that only because we don’t have people solicit them or is it more a 
practice that the station has not pursued?  There are quite a few events coming 
up this summer that would be good giveaways for Judy H. and I’s show around 
Folk, bluegrass, etc.   I am sure we could solicit some giveaway tickets.

Also.. Anyone seen the new John Hiatt CD that I solicited from the label?  They 
say they sent it, but I have never seen it.  My mailbox was “cleaned out” of 
some music that I solicited recently.  (Like to talk about that “policy” too 
sometime)  Have found the others.. Would like to play John on my show.  Anyone 
seen it?

Peter Drescher

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Carole writes -

Hi Jennifer,

Wondering if you received my package about the Honeysuckle bluegrass concert 
Sunday April 12 from 4 - 6 PM at the Langdon Street Cafe?  Was hoping it could 
be announced and perhaps you folks might want to play something from the 
Honeysuckle CD.

Also, wanted to pass along that I, along with Colin McCaffrey as co-writer, 
just became a finalist for the Chris Austin Songwriting Contest at Merlefest 
this year - bluegrass category - for "Love Gone By" - track 6 on my Still Hear 
Your Voice CD.  So I'll be playing it down there!

Jennifer Isaacs - Music Director

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