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Vicki:  So great to hear from you.  I am sorry you retired--but know you
will continue doing good things.  You are one of the most competent
educational technology professionals I know and hate to lose you from the
front line (State Departments).  I am still unhappy that technology
integration has moved so slowly and I generally blame the leadership of our
major technology organizations.  They seem to refuse to take on Title I, and
the rest of the programs totalling over 100 billion in the Federal budget.
At the final meeting of PT3, I was the keynote and called for their
resignation (knowing it wouldn't do any good).  I have attached a paper I
have written on the Federal role and am circulating it as widely as
possible.  I would love to keynote a third Hawaii technology conference!

I am thrilled that the Westies are still doing so well.  When I invented
"clusters in the late l960s (they were even investigated back then) I knew
they would work--and the Westies are one of the best examples.  One of the
three greatest issues in American education is the almost total lack of
sharing best practices--and the Westies are showing that it can be done.

I have also attached a recent list of issues I did for my most recent
doctoral class on "Critical Issues in American education."

If this goes to other Westies - congratulations and enjoy NECC.

Still fighting for kids and technology.  Allen Schmieder

On Mon, Jun 22, 2009 at 5:24 PM, <Vicki_Kajioka/ATR/HIDOE@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>wrote:

> Dear Coy,
> Thank you for your leadership and pulling the Westies together.  I
> officially retired effective May 1 so will not be attending NECC this year.
>  I know you have fun talking about the "old days."
> Vicki
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>  Westies,
> Good morning.  Thought I'd check with old friends to see who is planning
> on attending NECC next week in DC?
> I'll be there, how about an informal let's get together for a breakfast,
> lunch or dinner?
> My schedule - Arrive DC 26th Fri, Leave DC 1st Wed
> (Coy Ison)
> Cell - 435.650.5478
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