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  • Date: Tue, 1 Feb 2005 22:58:07 -0500

Welcome to webwithout-ie hosted by freelists:

***introduction to the list***
The purpose of this message is to familiarize you with list operations and 
provide information to help make this a thriving discussion community. 
save this message for future reference as it contains the guidelines under 
which the list operates and you may need it for unsubscribing, 
writing to the admin and other functions as explained below.

***list subscription information***
This list's address is:

If you have recieved this message as a forward or accidentally unsubscribed 
yourself or want to resubscribe for some reason and still have this file, 
a message to:
with 'subscribe' in the Subject field.

If you have recievd this message through no action of your own or for any 
other reason you wish To unsubscribe, send a message to:
with 'unsubscribe' in the Subject field

Issues concerning trouble with the list such as subscribe/unsubscribe, 
settings/preferences for posting and any other administrative matters can be 
for propper processing.

There is also a web interface for subscribing, unsubscribing and performing 
other tasks such as setting or unsetting yourself to digest mode and setting
and unsetting vacation mode for yourself.  To access it, just point your 
favorite browser to:

Archives of this list are maintained at:

Freelists has a faq that you might find handy to get answers to questions 
when a human is not around to answer them.  The web page for this faq is 

***list settings***
This list is set to reply to list so if you activate reply, please be aware 
that you are replying to the list and not to the individual from whom the 
to which you are replying originated.  This is due to the nature of the list 
but can be changed if overwhelmingly desired.  Quoting is not restricted on
this list and unless it becomes necessary to do so, it will not be.  This 
list is set not to allow attachments.  If you wish
to post something, either post it in the body of a message if possible or 
send it to the above admin address and we'll look into what can be done. 
will be a web page for this list so that is one place your attachment might 
be posted by the admins.  This list does have a digest and you can set your
self to digest mode at the list info page address provided above.  This list 
is unmoderated but the admins can and will help to keep it functioning 

***list postings***
The general topic of this list is accessible web without internet explorer 
which may include all forms of web activity from banking to buying to 
to flying reservations to playing games and accessing media.  it covers all 
platforms but should be restricted to capable technologies.  The phone is 
exempt nor is any hardware that is up to the challenge, but don't try to 
tell us that your electric razor can be used to access the web.

Any subscriber may post to the list.  Announcements of interest including 
forwards without cross posting, issues, resolutions and questions, tips and 
and other discussion concerning the general topic of the list are welcomed 
and encouraged.

The admins may post administrative mesages to the list from time to time 
outlining changes to list settings, updating posting guidelines and or to 
information of importance to the opperation of the list.  These notices will 
come from webwithout-ie-admins and the subject will be tagged admin in 
to the list name.

***list guidelines***
This list is for your enjoyment as well as the enjoyment of others.  Please 
bear this in mind when you read and decide how to act on posts.  Discussion
may be open and frank at times and may even become heated after a fashion. 
keep in mind though that personal attacks and attacks of any kind are not 
means to achieve the goals we all seek to accomplish on the list.  Anything 
of an off topic nature is strongly suggested to be sent to the admins 
listed above including requests for help with the list or comments about 
posts on the list that do not relate to the topics of the list.  Members 
never be chastised or dealt with personally on the list by admins.  If you 
recieve and acknowledge receit of by either the message not bouncing or a 
from you to the message a private message asking for cooperation on a matter 
concerning the list due perhaps to something you have posted or to a message
recieved off list about a post on the list, this will be your first warning. 
this will also be your last warning and removal from the list for a long
period of time possibly
forever will be the next step.  Posting of messages from admins on the list 
is a good thing not to do as it will cause your immediate removal and spam 
also cause removal.
You have been warned!!!

Any ordered posting is acceptable including top posting, interleaved posting 
and bottom posting unless we hear other wise from a majority of list 

If you feel so inclined, please post an introduction telling us a bit about 
your self on the list so we can begin to know one another and how best to 
Please enjoy the list:

webwithout-ie list management.
***end of welcome message***

***list info***
This is the accessible webwithout-ie discussion list.
to change your subscription options or to unsubscribe, point your favorite 
browser to:

You can view this list's archives at:

for unsubscribing, you can also send a message with the word unsubscribe in the 
subject line leaving the rest of the message blank to:
and you will need to respond to the confirmation message you recieve in order 
to be removed from the list.

To contact list management, write to:
***end of list info***

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