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  • Date: Wed, 02 Feb 2005 17:02:27 +1030

Hi Folks

I've just joined in response to David Poehlman's posting to the WAI Interest 
Group list.

"Web Without IE" is of particular interest for me as I only ever use IE to 
that pages are laying out OK after development with Mozilla.  My initial 
is with Mozilla, Lynx, Konqueror and Opera - IE is only tested when I am happy 
that my content is working with these others.

As an aside, I am working on an IE toolbar in parallel to an XUL one for 
Mozilla/Firefox; this is for a web-based bookmarks (favorites) project that I 
working on.  It's taking some time so by the time I get round to finishing the 
IE toolbar, all the IE users will be using Firefox anyway. <wink/>

To date, I have been getting round "IE Monotheism" either by running Konqueror 
with a bogus user agent identification string or simply finding another vendor 
with better policies.

With the current move towards Firefox, I can see this list becoming quite busy.


Matthew Smith

Web solutions developer (Linux, Apache, Perl, MySQL, XHTML, CSS, RDF)
South Australia
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