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I didn't get any attachments.

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The list of all items needing corrections has been compiled and is
to this e-mail. I've also assigned everyone, based upon your
an area of the website. The listing of assignments is:

About PW - Tristan Smith
Academics - Mike Evans
Activities (Athletics & Awareness) - Amorine
Activities (Performance & Scholastic) - Ilene Silverman
Activities (Service & Student Govt.) - (none)
Activities (Drifter) - Adam Gordon
Happenings - Tom Scott
Entire Site (Drifter) - Buddy Michini

For now, the Activities Drifter will take care of the "Service" &
Govt." sections.

As a note, though this mainly applies to Happenings, this website won't
updated online until the beginning of December. Therefore, there's no
to include any specific information that, after November, would no
be relevant.

Normally, all updates would be due by the third week of the month.
due to the late start, they are due by the 29th of this month. If you
fixing more than one page, please compress them (a ZIP file is
into a single file and send them to your respective Vice President. For 
those who work on the "About PW" and "Academics" sections, send your 
updates to Brian at simbjv@xxxxxxxxxxxx Those who work on the
and "Happenings" sections, send your updates to Ken at 
SignOn358@xxxxxxxxxxxx If you have a large number of pages to update, 
please try to send the pages you have completed thus far on a weekly
so we don't receive a whole slew of pages on one day.

For copies of the pages you need to edit, simply visit the website and
the HTML file to your hard drive. When sending the corrections, please 
don't send any images along with it (unless that was part of your 
assignment, which doesn't apply to anyone this time); just send the HTML

file. Please keep the filename the same as well, so we know which file

If anyone is unable to read/open the attachment, privately let me know

If you have any questions about your assignment, you may either contact 
your respective Vice President or myself.

Thank you.
- Mike

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