[website-critique] Yahoo Problems

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  • Date: Fri, 29 Mar 2002 07:24:52 -0600

I thought this was only for yahoogroups, but it is for everyone that has a 
yahoo account.  I have my DesignWorks and my StarBand address in there for 
certain things, and I have noticed that my inflow of spam has nearly tripled 
lately.. I thought my name had been sold somewhere.. guess I was right.

Here is what I got on one of the groups I'm on.

Sometime recently our beloved Yahoo - in what may well be yet another attempt 
to drum up cash - has apparently reset EVERYONE'S email, mail and telephone 
marketing preferences to "Yes" for everything.

Unless that's what you want - a flow of spam by mail, email and phone, here's 
how to fix it:

- go to http://my.yahoo.com/

- click on Account Info (very top of the page)

- log in with your Yahoo account/password

- in mid-page, click on "Edit your marketing preferences"

Check out all the stuff they've made as "YES" options, including email, and, 
way down at the bottom US Mail and Via Phone. I changed all my stuff to NO. 

Be sure to click on the SAVE CHANGES box at bottom to save these settings. Of 
course, if you want to get certain advertisers' stuff you can say "Yes" as you 

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