[website-critique] Why, Why, WHY!!??

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Okay, here is a site I'm working on... I *should* be complete but there is one 
little hitch!  NETSCAPE!  ARRRGGGHHH!

I still have the site on my server, until I can figure out how to fix this 
problem... hopefully someone here can help me out.  The site is for the 
University of Kentucky's AgrAbility department.


Everything looks good.. meaning works fine, in IE 6.0, NS 6.2 and AOL (yeah, 
gotta check that one too...) *BUT* when I bring it up in NS Nav. 4.8 all looks 
well until I click on the "Feedback" button.  The background comes up fine.. 
but that's it.. it even says that is stops the applet from running.

Why oh why is it doing this to me??

Please don't tell me to try CSS... I don't know squat about it, I'm going to 
take the time to learn it, but this is a project that has to be done now.  What 
am I doing wrong that some of my pages will come up and some won't? (Same 
problem with my Job Corps site, but I think I figured that one out.)

I'm sending this to all three lists in hopes of catching a webmaster that has 
been beaten down by this before too.  This one has really made me dig into the 
headache medicine... and I'm heading for the liquor cabinet now! 

And by the way, if you are a webmaster, check out Peter's email group called 
WebsiteCritque at 
http://www.freelists.org/cgi-bin/webpage?webpage_id=websitecritique .



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