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  • From: "Barbara Pratt" <bp@xxxxxxx>
  • To: <websitecritique@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 13 May 2002 22:50:34 -0700

some thoughts:
  a.. site has a nice clean look and is easy to navigate
  b.. the building photos need some work...perhaps some lightening and 
sharpening to look as good as the site. would have liked to see some interior 
shots of the house of the week and personally if I was a client I would like to 
have some general idea of what area the house is in.
  c.. would prefer a hot spot or link under the image saying "Details of this 
house" or something other than click here. I presume the detail page will have 
a photo and designed to be printed
  d.. I liked the text with the contact information but I think the images in 
the top right might be misunderstood. I would prefer seeing the address and 
location of the company in that space.  It was just by chance that I clicked on 
the logo and found the location address. 
  e.. Not quite sure why the school links rated such nice graphics when the  
link made more sense in the side navigation bar
  f.. It would really annoy me if I wanted to buy a featured home or business 
and then later found out the site just hadn't been updated.  If the sale is 
pending you should have a graphic or text for that but nothing on the site 
should be out of date.
I know I've gotten a bit picky but I actually really liked the site.  I've been 
reading a book about web sites and trying to be more aware of the details.
barbara pratt


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