[website-critique] Putting the Skids on Pop-Ups Aplenty

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Putting the Skids on Pop-Ups Aplenty

Given the proliferation of pop-up windows on the Web, it's hard
not to be annoying if you choose to join in on the fun. Still,
there are things you can do to mitigate the irritation caused by
your pop-up windows. Here are a few:

*    Keep your pop-up windows small, preferably in the 200 x
     200 range, but definitely no more than 600 (wide) x 300

*    Keep the pop-up window uncluttered by removing most (if
     not all) of the menus and navigational controls.

*    Keep the contents of your pop-up window to a minimum;
     don't force users to sit through long loading times for
     an already-annoying pop-up. (For example, don't put big
     graphics inside the pop-up!)


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