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Marc Smith (msgraph):
"Personalized Results: Exploring The Future Of Google"
(The following is an abstract of a recently published
paper of some 10,000 words speculating in a highly
educated manner on what may be forthcoming by way of
new developments of the Google search engine. While
fairly technical, it is highly recommended to all those
of our readers involved in professional SEO work.)
Abstract reprinted by permission.

In the past year, Google has received wide press
recognition and praise for the quality relevant results
that they serve to web surfers. 

One of the major reasons for this success is due to
their PageRank Technology 
< http://citeseer.nj.nec.com/brin98anatomy.html >
developed by Sergey Brin and Lawrence Page. PageRank is
a technology that scores web pages by how "important"
they are in relation to other web pages. 

Another major reason is that Google does not over-
populate, or flood, their search results pages with two
or three third-party databases like various other
popular search engines. With the exception of data
collected from the Open Directory Project 
< http://www.dmoz.org/ >, Google can claim that their
results, both advertised and crawled, are their own. 
Google is now in the position to take their search
engine to another level that can make them soar even
higher than their competitors. A lot of speculation has
arisen in regards to what lies ahead in Google's
future. A few of the speculations are how and when
Google will display personalized results. 

The basis of this paper is to examine a few of the
methods that Google might employ in their system of
providing personalized results. The reason why these
methods are examined in great detail is because last
year Google acquired a company, Outride,Inc., who
researched heavily into personalizing data. Throughout
this paper, I will examine some of the research,
people, and technology behind Outride's past projects
and software systems. We shall never know how Google
will implement it with their search system, but at
least we can look into the various possible uses that
this technology can offer. 

Make sure to read the full text here: 
< http://www.webmasterworld.com/forum34/289.htm >


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