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Windows 95/98/ME Tips

a.) Your Quick Launch Toolbar is a easy way to ensure that you'll always have 
most-used programs readily available. To setup Quick Launch right click the
Taskbar and select Toolbars then Quick Launch. You can easily add and remove 
from the Toolbar just by dragging an icon to the Quick Launch Toolbar or Recycle
b.) If you have a Web page you visit on a regular basis, such as a ticker with
stock information, you can put a link to that page directly on your Taskbar so
that it's visible whenever you connect to the Internet. Right-click your Taskbar
and select Toolbars, New Toolbar. Type the complete Internet address (including
http://) into the box that appears, and click OK. A tiny version of the Web page
appears on your Taskbar.

Pointers To Free Stuff on the Web

a.) Big-boys
b.) Dynamic Drive
c.) Webmaster Drive Network

Internet Definitions

HTML: (HyperText Markup Language) The coding language used to create Hypertext
documents (web pages) for use on the World Wide Web. Browsers like Netscape and 
read pages coded in HTML and present the results in a formatted and readable
manner. As HTML evolves and becomes more complex, so do the web browsers that
interpret HTML.

HTTP: (HyperText Transfer Protocol) The protocol used for moving hypertext files
(web pages) across the WWW. Requires a HTTP client program on one end and an 
server program on the other end. For those who were wondering why every web site
address was preceded by "http://";, now you know.

HYPERTEXT: A term used to describe nonlinear writing in which associative paths
are followed through a world of interrelated text documents. The term is often
used in relation to web pages and sites but hypertext has practical application
off the Web as well.

Interesting Internet Facts

According to a recent survey compiled by Oftel, 11 million homes in the U.K. are
now connected to the Internet. The 11 million homes represent 45 percent of U.K.
households, compared to 30 percent last year, and includes 4 million homes with
unlimited Internet access.

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