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Image is everything

By Mark Gibbs 

If there's one thing that is irritating, it is trying to create 
client-side image maps for Web pages. Most of the tools are OK, 
but few really make the process easy. 

A new one that I really like is CuteMAP 
(http://www.globalscape.com/products/cutemap/ ) from GlobalSCAPE 
(http://www.globalscape.com ).

CuteMap offers a pleasant and usable interface 
(http://www.globalscape.com/images/mapscreen.gif ) with which to 
build client-side image maps using an unlimited number of map 
elements. Hot-spot regions can be rectangular, circular, and 
polygonal region types. The resultant HTML code is displayed in 
a window as you define regions.

CuteMap supports GIF, JPEG and portable network graphic (PNG) 
image formats, as well as mouseover and ALT text, OnMouseOver 
and OnMouseOut text, browser testing, zoom in and out of the 
image, multidocument tabbed interface, floating tool bars and 
customizable font settings. 

I have two complaints, though: The first is that while you can 
move the vertices of a polygonal shape around with wild 
abandon, there's no facility to delete a vertex. 

The second issue is a "gotcha" - if you create a region 
inside an existing region, CuteMAP doesn't place the embedded 
region before the region it is embedded in - this means that 
the embedded region will not work. However, you can easily 
reorder the region definitions in the source code window.

If you create image maps more than once a year, this utility 
belongs in your toolbox. Globalscape offers a 30-day trial 
version and registration is $19.95.


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