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HTML Tips 
Open a Web Page in a New Window 

When you link to outside web pages, you may not want to completely lose your 
visitor. By creating a link to other web sites that opens in a new window, your 
web page will remain open as well. 

To open a web page in a new window, add the following code to your link. 

<A HREF="http://www.yourdomain.com/"; TARGET="_blank">Link</a> 

Tip provided by: Web Source: Your Guide to Professional Web Design and 

Windows 95/98/ME Tips 

a.) The Volume Control icon in Windows 98 System Tray is a feature that most 
people don't use, since you can just adjust the volume on your external 
speakers. To remove the Volume Control from the System Tray, first double-click 
the icon and increase the volume level to maximum. Next, go to Start, Settings, 
Control Panel and double-click the Multimedia icon. Click the Audio tab, and in 
the Playback section, uncheck the Show Volume Control On The Taskbar option. 
Click OK and the Volume Control icon disappears. 

b.) If you find that you don't like waiting for the Windows Media Player to 
load when you only want to listen to a CD, then you can switch back to Windows 
default CD player which loads more quickly. To go back to the Windows CD 
player, go to View, Folder Options in any folder and click the File Types tab. 
Scroll down to Audio CD, select it, and then click the Edit tab. Select Play, 
click Edit again, and under Application Used To Perform Action, type 


Click OK and then click Close twice to exit. 

Pointers To Free Stuff on the Web 

a.) Article Central
b.) My Web Template
c.) iStock Photo 

Internet Definitions 

IETF: (Internet Engineering Task Force) This group is charged with developing 
new standards and technologies for adoption on the internet. 

IMAP: (Internet Message Access Protocol) IMAP is a protocol used by email 
clients in communicating with email servers. IMAP is slowly replacing POP as 
the main protocol used because it allows a user to manipulate messages stored 
on the server without actually retrieving them. 

Index: (Multiple meanings) (a) A term used to describe a web page which 
contains links to other webpages of a specific category. (b) Another term used 
to describe the means by which a search engine catalogs a web site. (c) Most 
commonly, the main or starting page of a website. 

Internet: A vast global collection of inter-connected networks that are 
connected using the TCP/IP protocols and that evolved from the ARPANET of the 
late 60's and early 70's. 

Interesting Internet Facts 

According to a recent report by Nielsen//NetRatings the number of female 
at-home Internet users in the United States grew faster than the overall 
Internet population when it jumped 9 percent in December 2001. Women now 
account for 52 percent of home Internet users in the U.S., or 55 million 
people, up from 50.4 million last year. Men, however, log on more often, and 
spent 24 percent more time online than women. 


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