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HTML Tips 
Heading Tags 

The HEADING tag is used to display your heading text in a larger font with <H1> 
being the largest down to <H6> being the smallest. 

Some Search Engines place relevance on text displayed within the <H#> tags, so 
place some of your most relevant keywords within any of the 6 <Hx> tags. 


<H3>Your Guide to Health & Fitness</H3> 

When using the HEADING tags, you don't have to use the <H1> for your first 
heading. You may begin with the heading size of your choice, but for your 
secondary headings, you should not use a larger heading than you began with. In 
other words, if you're using <H3> for your primary heading, then your secondary 
headings should be <H4> or <H5> and not <H1> or <H2>. 

Tip provided by: Web Source: Your Guide to Professional Web Design and 

Windows 95/98/ME Tips 

a.) An annoying feature of dial-up modems is that horrible sound they make. To 
mute the sound of your internal modem go to Start, Programs, Accessories, 
Communications, Dial-up Networking. Right-click on your usual Internet 
connection and select properties. Click Configure under Connect Using, and now 
you can select the volume level for the modem (choosing the lowest volume level 
turns the modem off). When finished, click OK twice. 

b.) Here is a shortcut that will allow you to restart your computer quickly and 
easily. First, right-click the desktop, click New, and then click Shortcut. 
Click the Browse button, navigate to 


and then click Open. Add one space to the resulting command line, and then type 


Click Next, then give your shortcut a name and click Finish. When you 
double-click your Restart icon, Windows will restart without your having to go 
to the Start menu. 

Pointers To Free Stuff on the Web 

a.) Any Browser
b.) Cool Archive
c.) Graphx Kingdom 

Internet Definitions 

Intranet: A private network inside a company or organization that is for 
internal use only. 

IP Number: (Internet Protocol Number) A unique number consisting of 4 parts. 
Every machine that is on the Internet has its own unique IP number. 

IRC: (Internet Relay Chat) Is both a protocol and a program type. IRC allows 
someone to talk in real time to someone else, anywhere in the world. 

ISP: (Internet Service Provider) This is a company through which you can access 
the Internet. 

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