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HTML Tips 

The IMAGE tag is used to display images on your web page. 

You can resize your image within your HTML by changing the HEIGHT and WIDTH 
values. To retain your image's original characteristics, make sure you adjust 
the height and the width equally. In other words, if your original graphic 
dimensions are height 50 and width 100, to reduce your image to one half the 
size, you would change the height to 25 and the width to 50. This technique 
works best with .jpg images, as .gif images are reduced to a maximum of 256 

In addition, you can add the ALT element to enable you to place your most 
relevant keywords for Search Engine indexing. The text will only be displayed 
on your web site while your image loads and when your mouse is over it. 


<IMG SRC="yourimage.gif" HEIGHT="20" WIDTH="20" ALT="health fitness"> 

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