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The information technology world is a wired one. As an I.T. job seeker, how
wired are you?

If I.T. is your intended life's work, then you've got to master the
quintessential communiqui of the wired information technology world. Put
simply, if you want to talk I.T., you've go to walk it as well. As an I.T.
job seeker, you need a Web site.

At minimum, a Web site provides 24-hour access to information about you for
potential employers. If you're out on a date, asleep, or at another
interview, recruiters can still answer their questions about you at their
convenience by visiting your Web site.

At maximum, your Web site presents you as a comprehensive solution to an
I.T. employment problem. I.T. companies have needs and they try to find
people to meet them. If your Web site is a virtual embodiment of who you are
and what you do, potential employers will be able to address their problems
with your skills.

Ideally, you would register and use your own domain name, i.e.
www.firstnamelastname.com. Larry Chase, author of Essential Business Tactics
for the Net and publisher of the e-zine "Web Digest for Marketers" asserts
that each of us is the equivalent of a unique business worth branding with
our own domain names. If you're interviewing seriously for positions, you'll
need plain white business cards with complete contact information to
distribute as you attend job fairs and networking events. Include your Web
site address in your contact information so those interested in you can
learn more simply by having that 2" x 3 =" card.

If you have limited Web skills or resources, put up a bio, a risumi and/or a
curriculum vitae on your Web site. If you're a Web site developer, graphic
designer, technical writer or programmer, include work samples or links to
projects you've done. Consider your Web site a virtual interview in which
you present a portfolio of your skills and accomplishments. Prepare your Web
site to provide both a superior first impression and an in-depth exposure to
your credentials.

Remember foremost that a business Web site isn't about the business. It's
about the customer. Your Web site needs to model your understanding of this.
If it does, it will be available 24-hours per day to I.T. employers looking
for an I.T. worker with wired business savvy. They'll be looking for someone
just like you.

With that in mind, Szaro Consulting is offering you a FREE domain, [ $70.00
Value ], which our Server1 Package. For more Information, please visit:

And you also get my personal tech support! :-)


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