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Well said Jack.

Here are some other links:



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  I have been a mainframe contract programmer for the past 20 years.
All during this time, my clients have had the ability to dismiss me
for any reason at any time.  They then owed me only for the work
done to date.  And, during the past 20 years I had the moral
obligation to give them at least 2 weeks notice.  The deal was very
one-sided.  However, both I and my clients were satisfied.

  Would you sign a contract with a person to mow your lawn that
required you to give them a month's pay if you dismissed them ?

  If you require such a contract, there is an excellent chance that
they may go find someone else.  As you said, things currently are
'tight'.  And, that makes it a buyer's market.

  As for the contracts, check:

  You can get them all at:




It's a bargain no matter which one you go with. The
contracts have been written to conform to UK/US/CAN
law (you get all three versions in the Pro Edition).

  Good luck.        ;-)))

>From: "Vania Smrkovski" <smrkovski@xxxxxxxx>
>To all:
>     Hello again.  I joined this list a few months ago, and even managed to
>get in a few notes of my own, receiving some excellent responses as well.
>     Unfortunately, I then got laid off, which in East Tennessee is a bit
>more foreboding than, say, in the Bay Area.  The industry here is a bit
>tight.  I've been job hunting for over a month now.  [sigh]
>     Anyhow, not bitching, just providing context to this email request.  I
>was toying around with freelance for a while, but ultimately decided I
>didn't feel confident enough, yet, in my sales skills to keep busy long
>term.  However, as of yesterday, I might have the opportunity to work a
>"retainer" type contract for a company.  $1000 per month for maintaining
>their site and building training materials.  Given the hours we've agreed
>on, it could be very good for me.
>     It opens the freelance door wide open for me.  Using a comination of
>freelance contracts and similar "retainers" to this one, I could afford
>insurance and keep busy from home.  There are a few other people who have
>expressed a desire to do this sort of thing, too.
>     I want to get a leg up on how I might manage this.  So I'm researching
>insurance, tax law and contract law.  Can anyone provide me some
>generalized tips?
>     Specifically, does anyone have a copy of a standard contract you use
>for clients?  I want to make a contract that binds us for 6, 9 or 12
>months, with the option for them to break the contract with, say, a month's
>extra pay, and for me to break the contract with the responsibility for me
>to give them all materials and to provide a list of other qualified
>developers who could take over.  I also want to maintain at least the
>rights to use their work for my own promotional material.
>     And then there are the many things I cannot think of that can hurt me.
>     Do you alternatively know any special books, web sites or people who
>can provide a reasonably secure contract like this for me?
>     I have a wife in school, so I need insurance, a baseline income to
>manage finances, enough knowledge on taxes to make sure have enough saved
>at the end of the year or quarterly, etc, to keep my nose clean.
>Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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