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First, in case not everyone has noticed, recovery from the recent hardware 
failure is now complete.  We only had about a day-long actual complete 
outage email-wise, which was unfortunate but necessary.  After that, it 
was just a matter of recovering from backup and moving forward.  Those 
interested in a log of the recovery process can read the log that we 
maintained: http://www.freelists.org/log.html

The database recovery problems (i.e., it couldn't be recovered) gave us 
the opportunity to re-write the FreeLists Administrator Login to add new 
features, thereby increasing the power and flexibility of our services.  
The application is now called the FreeLists Portal Login, and it now 
allows you to update and control things like your lists' category and 
description, contains an improved webpage editor, and more.  

Everyone who has a list that was created prior to 7/8/2001 should login 
and update your list settings, as anything stored in the database prior to 
that date was lost.  If your http://www.freelists.org/list/LISTNAME pages 
seem to be missing some data, this is why.  

And now, for some exciting news: 

* First: our web dude has been working for months to develop a new site 
design.  It would've been out by now if it hadn't been for the recent 
exploding hard drives blooper, but look for it in the next few weeks.  
It's groovy.  
* Second: parts for our new server have started arriving.  We're building 
it from scratch, but it'll include such goodies as hardware RAID and 
hot-swappable U160 SCSI drives.  (If you don't know what that means, just 
smile, nod, and say "ooooooh." :))  
* Third: we'll be picking up on the Mailing list of the Month periodical 
again, once things calm down around here.  Sorry we haven't updated it 
(http://www.freelists.org/lists/feature/) in so long.

Have any questions?  How 'bout suggestions that you feel would improve the 
service?  We're always there to listen: staff@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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