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The above site forced us to use layers in order to keep the pages within a
limited area.  The designer likes taking radical approaches to his

His target market includes a lot of Mac people, so layers was extra
difficult.  http://www.designsouthdesign.com/ourprinciples.html is one
example, but there are others.

Some of the problems I encountered:
a) as is commonly known, layers tend to shift depending on browser/OS.  I
had to create a transparent gif, extra large, to cover the arrows that were
originally supposed to be the rollover scrollers.  Sometimes, the solution
causes problems.  In a few cases, the layers occlude links on the flat
background, which make only the uncovered part actually hot.

b) when the layer is scrolled all the way down, as is the default state, any
links that are placed below the "visible" portion of the page are not
visible until the layer is scrolled all the way down.  This happens on Macs,

I would love any suggestions, observations and comments about this site,
remembering the navigation options were mostly out of my hands.


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